Wednesday, November 14, 2012

For Your Ears' Protection

Granted, I would imagine that polar bears don't actually need earmuffs, 
but that doesn't stop this print from being deeply cute (as well as on-topic.)

You know what, Internets?  It's been almost a year since I last posted some earmuffs, and considering the direction the weather seems to be taking lately (RE: temperatures dropping faster than IQ scores after a Michael Bay movie marathon,) I'm thinking another earmuff post would be pretty timely.  So that is exactly what I'm gonna do, starting with this pair:

Because if I have learned nothing else from the Internet, it's that people tend to warm up to whatever you've got to say if pandas are involved.  The same is also true of otters, hedgehogs, corgis, kittens and cephalopods.

Also, Rule 34 can and will sully all you love and hold dear, but that's a post for a very, very different blog.  Trust me.

I am loving the starry pattern on these crocheted earmuffs so very, very much.  Which--admittedly--you can't see very well in this pic, so click the link and check 'em out for yourself and tell me if you agree or not.

Remember this chained-up chump from the Super Mario games?  Well, now he's featured on a set of  behind-the-head earmuffs, complete with aforementioned chain.

You ever get the feeling that what the world truly needs is more pompoms?  Well, I think these earmuffs (with matching mittens, natch) should help fix that somewhat.

And just because these will never not be rad, here are some Where The Wild Things Are earmuffs:

Admit it:  They are rad.  And even if they're not specifically your cup of cocoa, that car in the background is fabulous.

See you Friday!

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